Kitfit US trademark Approved

In April 2017, as part of our commercial testing phase, we filed an Australian Trademark application for Kitfit which was approved in Nov 2017 and we immediately registered for international Trademark Status under the Madrid Protocol via WIPO.

In 2018 we successfully pursued a Notice of Suspension for a competing mark to obtain the broadest possible terms for our Kitfit US trademark, the application was finalised in January 2018. Following the registration of our US trademark, we have been able to successfully shut down 12 social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram as well as one iOS app that was infringing on our brand IP. This is excellent confirmation of IP protection strategy.

We have also received preliminary feedback from IP Australia on the viability of patenting three core technology innovations we have developed through our R&D process in 2018. 

  • Kitfit Bots
  • Parsing algorithms 
  • KitfitRank algorithms 

For now, these will be 'black boxed' to protect our IP, but we plan to investigate local and global patients with the potential to use grant funding for eligible businesses across a range of commercial project expenditure including trademarks and patents.