My First Customer and Amazing Video Testimonials

Committed to her own Growth, my first customer joined the Areti Goddess Events Program and succeeded in achieving great results. For video testimonials please visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdq0MfwLP-E9apeCQ-Z8iuw


I was recently invited to Speak at Toastmasters on Public Speaking

Speaker Mind Body Spirit Festival Sydney

I have twice been Invited to Speak at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, with my Third Appearance October 2019. Speaking Topics: HOW TO TRANSFORM RELATIONSHIPS, HOW TO BOOST CONFIDENCE, TIME TO BREAK FREE LADIES. For a list of Speaking Topics please visit www.aretigoddessevents.com

Areti Goddess Events Pty Ltd Launch

On May 4, 2018 I launched my first Company, age 52, to Empower and help Change Statistics. It has been as challenging as it has rewarding. Launched with Private seed funding, in Bootstrapping stage. It is an umbrella for Collaboration, offers an Affiliate Program and Invites Experts.

On the Channel 10 News


"The system works by teaching a machine to analyse historical traffic data and then learn how to identify when a car is causing a problem."

Top stockbrokers Bell Potter, Ord Minnett, OpenMarkets and SelfWealth support Mafematica

These stockbrokers understand the value of the Mafematica offering and are talking to Mafematica about an IPO round of funding / and/ or providing themselves as a lead member of the panel of brokers that we intend to develop.


Vinovata is an Australian wine platform in Japanese, providing Australian wineries with a channel to better connect and communicate their stories to customers in Japan and driving the number of cellar door visits by Japanese living in or visiting Australia (PR, Tourists, etc). Stage 1 MVP has been very successful with 40+ wineries sign-ups.

BGL agreed to Partner Mafematica

BGL has 60% of the accounting serviices market in the Austrlian SMSF market and has international outlets in Asia and the UK. It is expanding its services to include accounting systems for non superannuation business.

BGL is a leading user of AI in accounting software, and provides, for a company like Mafematica and this will allow Mafematica to provide a true 'straight-though-processing' regime that the industry has talked about for so long but has not delivered.

MVP grants are open again!

Good news! We’re accepting applications for MVP grants again! Successful recipients can receive up to $25k of approved project costs. Find out more about the MVP grant at https://www.jobsfornsw.com.au/our-products/minimum-viable-product

Catalysr 2019 Pre-Accelerator Program Participant

Selected to the Catalysr 2019 Pre-Accelerator Program in July 2019


Winner of Friday Night Pitch at Fishburners May 2019

Winner of Friday Night Pitch at Fishburners as part of the Retail Innovation Program Showcase hosted by Investible sponsored by City of Sydney.

Unblocked Platform

Released Group assisted the Block and Chain Company (A stone and chalk resident) deliver the Unblocked Platform, a brand new distributed ledger based platform. This platform allows software developers to simply write applications that run in the browser (using WebAssembly) and communicate peer-to-peer without any requirement for central infrastructure.

Released Group:

  1. Built the Devops Systems, Processes
  2. Designed the new Architecture
  3. Mentioned on all 28 Patent Applications
  4. Recruited the production team
  5. Assisted in Reaching Version 1.0 Successfully

Following this successful release, the Block & Chain Company is now seeking investors.

Amazon launchpad for products

Hi - If you have a physical product, you may want to check out Amazon's launchpad program at: https://services.amazon.com.au/amazon-launchpad.html?ld=AZAUSOA-launch

Intelligent data to transform tourism service delivery

The Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, the Hon Karen Andrews MP announced successful applications under the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII).

WEJUGO shared in more than $1.4 million worth of funding to undertake a feasibility study on an innovative solution we have proposed to solve government policy and service delivery challenges in the tourism sector.

More details can be found here

Jobs for NSW MVP Grant

The NSW Government awarded Mafematica a Grant, noting the innovative web site and the opinion that it would save the government money (this is because with people generally better off due to improved savings knowledge and dollars in their bank accounts, the government would not be called upon so much for subsidies, pensions or other benefits in housing, transport or medical expenses).

Launched Virtual Startup Internship Program with SSH

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to work in a startup? Get behind the scenes of three startups at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey and see where working in this dynamic space could take you.

Designed by Sydney School of Entrepreneurship in collaboration with the Sydney Startup Hub, this virtual internship gives you real life problems and supports you as you come up with innovative solutions that could make a real difference.

This program is open to anyone and everyone interested in the startup lifecycle!

Register now.

Installed BindiMaps across the Sydney Startup Hub!

The Sydney Startup Hub is now accessible to visually impaired users thanks to BindiMaps!

Launched a Deloitte Virtual Internship - InsideSherpa!

We've just launched the Deloitte Technology Consulting Virtual Internship to help students upskill for the future of work!


Kitfit launches seed capital round in partnership with PWC

Kitfit was selected by ++PwC’s Emerging Company team++ as a company with fast growth potential. PwC has collaborated with Kitfit to help ensure a successful launch and growth phase of the business. This work involves an interrogation of our business model and cash flow forecasting and seed round capital raise partnership.

Kitfit US trademark Approved

In April 2017, as part of our commercial testing phase, we filed an Australian Trademark application for Kitfit which was approved in Nov 2017 and we immediately registered for international Trademark Status under the Madrid Protocol via WIPO.

In 2018 we successfully pursued a Notice of Suspension for a competing mark to obtain the broadest possible terms for our Kitfit US trademark, the application was finalised in January 2018. Following the registration of our US trademark, we have been able to successfully shut down 12 social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram as well as one iOS app that was infringing on our brand IP. This is excellent confirmation of IP protection strategy.

We have also received preliminary feedback from IP Australia on the viability of patenting three core technology innovations we have developed through our R&D process in 2018. 

  • Kitfit Bots
  • Parsing algorithms 
  • KitfitRank algorithms 

For now, these will be 'black boxed' to protect our IP, but we plan to investigate local and global patients with the potential to use grant funding for eligible businesses across a range of commercial project expenditure including trademarks and patents.

Kitfit selected for Google Customer Solutions Startup Program

In March 2019 Google elected Kitfit to take part in the Google Customer Solutions Startup Program in 2019. The program is designed to accelerate the growth of promising early-stage startups.

This partner program has assigned Kitfit a group of five Googlers from the Google Customer Solutions team over a 4 month period (March - June 2019).

The program has been personalised by our Google mentors to our individual needs with a broad scope that covers areas such as: 

  • Partnering to develop a brand strategy through Google data and audience insights 
  • Identification of optimum target audiences & segments 
  • Development of end-to-end digital media solutions to reach and convert your target audience. 
  • Optimisation of media campaigns to increase ROI. 
  • Identify opportunities with supporting products & technology integrations such as Google Could AI tools: Cloud AutoML, Cloud Machine Learning Engine & BigQuery ML

The selection of Kitfit for this program is validation for all the hard work the team has put in. It represents a great opportunity to partner with one of the giants of the internet.

Rapha signs on as MVP partner

We are excited to announce that we have signed an MVP partnership with Rapha, the worlds largest premium cycling apparel retailer. This gives us the option to test the Kitfit MVP on our target audience in partnership with a global brand. As the market leader, Rapha is the benchmark of success and innovation for cycling retailers worldwide.

Awarded Jobs for NSW MVP Grant

++Jobs for NSW++ awarded Kitfit their prestigious MVP grant in September 2018. The MVP grant is a highly competitive validation process for early stage-startups.

Commercial Model Testing Complete Feb 2018
  • We became a leading global cycling kit community on Instagram in 8 months based on total followers, average account likes and engagements (Likes & comments) surpassing cycling vertical channel partners like Wiggle, ChainReaction and Bikeexchange.
  • Viral growth mechanism tested.
  • 36K of sales generated
  • Reduced return rate from 20% to <1% through interacting with customers & identifying their key signals for fit.
  • 51% gave personal fit data in Fit survey. 32% completed all of the kit and fit questions

AgriFutures Australia

The AgriFutures program will support 7 secondary schools in rural and regional Australia to connect with industry, government and tertiary education providers and solve problems facing the agricultural industry both locally and globally. It will also help young people explore the career possibilities available to them in the industry.

NSW Department of Industry

The 'Local Schools for Local Industry' Initiative will be supporting 20 secondary schools in regional NSW solve problems facing current and emerging local industries whilst equipping young people with skills for future work.

Future Innovation Sports Tech - Global Series. 1st Prize!


Thanks to Benjamin Penkert for covering the event.

Australia + Polish partnership taking first prize at the FIST Global Series.

Selected by Slingshot into the ClubsTHRIVE Accelerator program

PeepsRide was one of 6 startups selected from over 150 applications and will be working with the ClubsNSW peak body who oversee approximately 1200 clubs and 47 Aged Care centres in NSW.

PeepsRide enables carpooling and transport services for those with a disability, care providers, carers and community transport organisations.

Google Australia - preferred supplier for Chromebooks

In 2016 we signed up as preferred supplier to Google Australia supplying chromebooks.

Signed Up Air Asia (Malaysia) as Customer with first billing $103K

We supplied Google Jamboard to Air Asia in Malaysia in May 2019

Basketball Forever #1 for Facebook Engagement during 2019 NBA Playoffs

Sports media startup, Basketball Forever drove more engagements on Facebook during the 2019 NBA Playoffs than its competitive set, including the NBA and ESPN.

BF drove over 16.2m actions during the period 13th April -14th June 2019, beating the NBA at 14.3m, ESPN at 13.6m and Bleacher Report at 15.8m, according to analytics provided by third-party social analytics firm Sharablee.


Jobs NSW MVP Grant

This happened earlier this week! Super excited! Thank You JobsNSW!

MVP Grant

In the second round, we have been awarded the Jobs for NSW MVP Grant!

MVP Grant of $25,000

Avirida zero-plastic skincare has received funding of $25,000 from the NSW government to produce their innovative patent-pending timber pots as an alternative to plastic & glass in the skincare industry, and provide jobs in regional NSW in the process. You can find out more about Avirida at ++www.avirida.com++

MVP Grant

On the 17 August 2017, the Minister for Skills on behalf of the Jobs for NSW Fund approved our Minimum Viable Product grant and awarded RooCreate with $25,000.00 to develop a online platform dedicated to offering environmentally friendly product packaging and design.

Second Place at the Eureka International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Placed second at the Eureka Competition in Melbourne, securing a trip to Shandong & Zhejiang in China to display our product, as well as a monetary prize.

Sofiri received a $25,000 Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grant from the NSW Government

Sofiri is out to shake up the international education sector with a new online service linking aspiring students with education experts to help them study abroad. Read about our support from hashtag#JobsForNSW to make our aspirations for international students a reality. Read more here http://bit.ly/2FKT2NA