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Matthew Dell avatar
Matthew Dell🏅 910

Co-funder at ENROL AI

Sydney, Australia
Founder of Enrol AI
Adam Bouris avatar
Adam Bouris🏅 900

Co - founder

Sydney, Australia
Currently bootstrapping going into seed funding for new e-commerce platform - I also play a strategic role is fast moving e-comm brand - Who is Elijah - Recently made exit from deaign company started 7years ago. Excited for the future
Artur Dailidonis avatar
Artur Dailidonis🏅 900

CEO ApyApp

Sydney, Australia
Building AI-powered checkoutless stores in Australia. Exited two startups. Happy to help with finance, blockchain, and AI projects.
Luke Bennis avatar
Luke Bennis🏅 900

Brandsynth Co-Founder & Designer

Newcastle, Australia
Boostrapped SaaS founder & multidisciplinary designer.
Loris Minassian avatar
Loris Minassian🏅 900

Innovating Cybersecurity Product and Services

Sydney, Australia
Loris is the Founder & CEO at CyberStash, an innovative cybersecurity services provider that's focused on delivering leading-edge technology and services that help organisations minimise their exposure to cyber-attacks.
Simla Sooboodoo avatar
Simla Sooboodoo🏅 900

Founder and MD at SLAK Corporation - a new social enterprise

Sydney, Australia
Serial social entrepreneur, filmmaker, inspiring leader and public speaker. Founded Hands on Journeys and SLAK Flowers, a new social enterprise startup tackling the issue of homlessness in Sydney.
Simon Groth avatar
Simon Groth🏅 900

Founder at Regional CFO

Bingara, Australia
Providing practical applications for business technologies, ag-tech and processes to streamline the management of your regional business.
Sammy Major avatar
Sammy Major🏅 900

Commercial Director - Podcasts

Sydney, Australia
Experienced Commercial Leader currently building out Podcast Content Company, Ranieri & Co.
Sean Roberts avatar
Sean Roberts🏅 900

Start Up and Entrepreneurial Sponge

Sydney, Australia
Former Institutional Commodity Banker turned Entrepreneurial Sponge
Mimi Lee avatar
Mimi Lee🏅 900

Founder & CEO, Meiava

Sydney, Australia
Founder of Meiava a platform to help women with career growth and work and life integration. Building SaaS MVP, launched app and global community.
Clive Mancey avatar
Clive Mancey🏅 900

Director at ExpediteIT P/L

Sydney, Australia
ExpediteIT is an IT consulting company which has been operating for 3 years. Our operating model is to engage the right resources for the relevant projects from our extensive network, tailoring resource models to meet the requirements.

A learning machine who prefers to gather more knowledge & be experienced

First a Learner then a leader.
Currently my startup provides: Free Consultation
Product Solutions
Website Designing
Graphics Designing
Social Media Channels If you want to know more about me, you can hit me up at:
Hayden Wood avatar
Hayden Wood🏅 900

Founder & Managing Director at Drinks Network Australia

Baulkham Hills, Australia
A global business leader in liquor who is pioneering Antipodean liquor SaaS Marketplace. Raising capital to scale local brands and drink events nationally. Let me know if you want a drink.
Roger Graham avatar
Roger Graham🏅 900

Founder and CEO at Sky Software

Sydney, Australia
SaaS innovator building a new B2B platform, having sold our first startup in early 2018.
Nick Marko avatar
Nick Marko🏅 900

Director & Lead Developer @ ZephyrTech

Sydney, Australia
Experienced software developer working towards the launch of our exciting new tourism software suite.
Yuyan Wang avatar
Yuyan Wang🏅 900

Co-founder at JourneyLab

Sydney, Australia
Co-founder at JourneyLab, an online business management tool that connects perspectives across organisations without the noise. Ex Strategy Consultant at PwC Strategy&
Beth Carey avatar
Beth Carey🏅 900

CEO at Pat Inc

Sydney, Australia
CEO and co-founder Pat Inc, replacing today’s human device interface with a user’s native language
Oliver Gaywood avatar
Oliver Gaywood🏅 900

Senior Copywriter at Civic Web Media

Newcastle, Australia
Originally from Scotland, Oliver moved to Australia and founded Civic Web Media in 2015. Since then, the content marketing startup has worked with some of the country's top names.
Robert Morton avatar
Robert Morton🏅 900

Founder of Kitshare

Sydney, Australia
Launching a marketplace in Feb 2021 for Film and TV freelancers. Work as a Director of Photography / Cinematographer. Looking to connect with mentors and other founders.
Helder Klemp avatar
Helder Klemp🏅 900

Co-founder and CEO - DNX Solutions

Sydney, Australia
Helder is a highly skilled software development/DevOps professional with 20 years of experience in software design, development, and integration. He is an experienced technical leader, building and engaging teams across agile projects.
Kevin Lee avatar
Kevin Lee🏅 900

Empowering movers to update their contact details with all service providers

Lisarow, Australia
Over 40 years, across three separate careers, I saw a 'pain point' evolve from an annoying little problem to a major roadblock. What we've created is a game changer for millions of people!
Graham Lea avatar
Graham Lea🏅 900

Founder at Archium

Sydney, Australia
Bootstrapping a B2B SaaS for technology teams to better understand their software architecture. 20 years experience in technology, leadership, and product.
Chris Sinclair avatar
Chris Sinclair🏅 900

Facilitation, Workshop and Design Thinker

Sydney, Australia
I love getting people excited about building new things and solving complex challenges. I mix facilitation and design thinking methodologies, to run hands-on processes that have actionable outcomes.
Tom Lipczynski avatar
Tom Lipczynski🏅 900

CEO of Vpply

Sydney, Australia
Vpply provides a video-based experience for browsing and applying for jobs allowing jobseekers to showcase their personality, strengths and passions to potential employers.
Kevin Jogin avatar
Kevin Jogin🏅 900

Founder, product developer and project executor @Applied Project ®

Liverpool, Australia
Applied Project ® Founder working on product development. Experienced in research and development projects from SPM's to construction hardwares. Get in touch with design ideas and I can help in developing it to manufacturable project.
Kashif Saeed avatar
Kashif Saeed🏅 900

I study mechanical Engineering. Acting CEO at Kashi's CourtYard (Food & Beverage

Okara, Pakistan
Serial entrepreneur with a background in Engineering. Former Virtual intern at General Electric. Former Quality Intern at Packages Limited.
Social worker working with many NGO's especially on Education, Food, and Medicine.
David Gbuzue avatar
David Gbuzue🏅 900

Co Founder at The Afro Network

Sydney, Australia
New to this!
Andrew McNamara avatar
Andrew McNamara🏅 900

Founder at Talkaru

Bowral, Australia
My startup Talkaru helps English learners to gain the same confidence in English that they enjoy in their own language through Zoom classes.
Dean Atrash avatar
Dean Atrash🏅 900

Director at Eco Renewable Energy

Sydney, Australia
Sustainability driven entrepreneur running 2 startups. Experiential marketing company focusing on sustainable installations & green ewaste management. Best placed to help startups in early stages of trading and currently testing the market.
Neil Hazelman avatar
Neil Hazelman🏅 900

Founder We Are Why Pty Ltd

Duranbah, Australia
Purpose driven creative strategic ideas consultant helping social impact SME's discover and define their one word 'why' and ways to commercialise this meaningful purpose through Advertising, Branding and Marketing communications.
Bianca Hartge-Hazelman avatar
Bianca Hartge-Hazelman🏅 900

Founder and the Financy Women’s Index

Duranbah, Australia
Dedicated to helping women progress and seeing Australia achieve economic equality. Women's money journalist at and Author of Financy Women’s Index.
Chezhiyan Veerasamy avatar
Chezhiyan Veerasamy🏅 900

Founder (Jubi Mobile Health (not yet incorporated in Sydney and elsewhere)

Bootstrapped SaaS founder looking for Co-Founder and pre-seed funding. Ppperdine University has given merit for our Project.. Looking to Innovate in Healthcare websites and mobile apps.
Eddy Xu avatar
Eddy Xu🏅 900

Founder at Urbern

Sydney, Australia
Seasoned General Manager with strong IT & Product background. Familiar with many aspects of a business & industry
Peter Matthews avatar
Peter Matthews🏅 900

Co Founder and CEO at Realtair, an Australian PropTech innovator.

SYDNEY, Australia
A Real Estate industry veteran of 29 years, Peter is a REINSW board member and has worked in roles from the COO of Ray White, GM at Domain, CEO at Ray White LNS to COO at The Agency. Love to meet new contacts, let me know if I can help you.
Prince Bibin Jose avatar
Prince Bibin Jose🏅 900

Creating Zero Emission Technology (Zengurus)

Sydney, Australia
I am looking forword to using technolodgy to creat Zero Emission Product & Services with Zengurus*.
Vicky Simister avatar
Vicky Simister🏅 900

Kindly Media Co.

Manly, AU

Pratap Shitole avatar
Pratap Shitole🏅 900

A Startup Advisor,EDISON AWARDS 2020 JUDGE

Pune, India
I have 22+ years of experience out which last 7 years are in global start up ecosystem as an advisor.4 US patents for subsystem design led by me. 9303552 9726071 9228488 9599012 Type the indicated number into Google patents.
Tarek Zaaiter avatar
Tarek Zaaiter🏅 900

Technical Manager

Sydney, AU
Hi, I'm Tarek, a Technical Manager with expertise in Business Planning & Project Management. I'm here to meet like-minded people, especially in the Tourism & Travel industry. Looking for Mentors, and Co-founders. Feel free to get in touch!
Michael Arnott avatar
Michael Arnott🏅 900

Founder of OEM.Digital, Advanced Automotive Electronics

Sydney, Australia
Founder of Australian Telecommunications carrier #138, Inventor of the Hand Held Dyno, predicted to be the world's No 1 selling Automotive aftermarket accessory and GM Holden's Car Dealer.
Mladen Jovanovic avatar
Mladen Jovanovic🏅 900

Co-founder/COO @ BindiMaps | Forbes 30 Under 30

Sydney, Australia
Innovator, entrepreneur and social justice advocate - passionate about solving some of the world's biggest problems while adding significant business value. Expert and experienced in: sales, startup businesses, innovation, strategy and pitching.
Sarah Crowe avatar
Sarah Crowe🏅 900

Founder and Director, 4eyes Foundation and 4ize Pty Ltd

Randwick, Australia
As an eye surgeon working in the developing world, I am appalled at the lack of affordable spectacles which would easily improve vision of a large number of people. I invented a system to solve the problem, but have no business experience! Help!
Alex Walsh avatar
Alex Walsh🏅 900

Passion is the game

Passion is the game
Karen Parker avatar
Karen Parker🏅 900

Digital Transformation Rockstar, Tech co-founder, Awesome Mum & Wife

Wollongong, Australia
I am a female tech founder who is driven by innovative technologies and how they can optimise your business practices. I love having open conversations about the future of digitisation and how it can continuously deliver more value to your business.
Nina DCruz avatar
Nina DCruz🏅 900

Co Founder at The Coaching Site

Sydney, Australia
Experienced in Business Development, I've helped hundreds of businesses grow through sales, marketing, commercial partnership and streamlining operations. A Master Practitioner of Coaching, specialising in Energy, Mindset & Wellbeing. Let's connect!
Jamie Andrei avatar
Jamie Andrei🏅 900

Founder / Director of

Sydney, Australia
Jamie is the founder of, the social content agency based in Sydney Australia. With over +16 years industry experience working with the likes of CSIRO, Jacob’s Creek, Revolut, Antlet, Stone & Chalk, Fire+Rescue NSW, Havas & more.
Scott Waddell avatar
Scott Waddell🏅 900

Founder @

Sydney, Australia
Bootstrapped founder working on Former Management Consultant with IBM & Accenture.
Anoop George avatar
Anoop George🏅 900

Making things happen

Global sales and business leader, and executive coach with expertise in incubating and scaling organisations and employees to attain record-breaking business growth.
Sara Neves avatar
Sara Neves🏅 900

Founder & CEO of OutLoud

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Sara, multi-lingual Founder and CEO of OutLoud. I'm here to grow my startup and am looking for Co-founders. Feel free to reach out!
Peter Karuso avatar
Peter Karuso🏅 900

CEO at Hyperdrive Science

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Peter, a current founder. I'm here to grow my startup and am looking for Co-founders, and Funding. Feel free to get in touch!
Thomas Legowo avatar
Thomas Legowo🏅 900

Founder at Droolie

Sydney, Australia
Hi, I'm Thomas, currently developing my product with expertise in Tech and Architecture. I'm learning the ropes on marketing and analytics and always keen for more contact and connection so we can help each other out. Don't hesitate to contact me!
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